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Pottery Wheels & Accessories

Speedball Pottery Wheels Include: 

  • 2 Free Bats, (7.5 inch square adn 12 inch round)
  • Set of bat pins
  • Splash Pan
  • How to throw DVD
  • Glaze Samples
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    NEW! Colored Bats

    New colorful bats with Easy Lift Rim™ fit all wheel bat pin holes spacing.

     Other features include:

    • Unique design makes removing the bat from the wheel head simple and in one easy motion that will not disturb your pot
    • Long lasting injection molded plastic
    • Maintains shape and size
    • Unique ribs add strength and durability
    • Ribs grab onto clay rings easily for throwing on wheels without bat pin holes 


    New bats come in 3 colors:
    12" Blue Round Bat
    14" Orange Round Bat
    7 1/2" Green Square Bat


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    Boss Elite SQ

    Boss Elite SQ: The Boss Elite SQ has it all! With a ½” thick polyethylene tabletop, additional work space and shelf sits on two positions, raised or lowered, for convenient throwing and removable modular control/foot petal system.  


    Additional & Highlighted Features Include: 

    • 1.0 horsepower industrial motor
    • 175lb centering capacity
    • Adjustable feel allow for leveling on uneven floors
    • Ability to change the wheel height.
    • 14” wheel head
    • Reversing plug for quick change of wheel head direction
    • Foot pedal with smooth variable speed control (0-240 RPM)
    • 2-part splash pan for easy clean up include
    • Load-sensing control with 110v or 220v capability


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    Clay Boss

    The Clay boss features sophisticated load-sensing control that maintains wheel head speed under changing load. All the features that the Pottery Wheel competition has been trying to keep up with. The Clay Boss sets the standard for the industry with value, quality, and price. 1/2 horsepower (industrial motor) Sophisticated load-sensing control – maintains wheel head speed under changing loads 100-lb centering capacity 14” wheel head with sturdy steel structure and long lasting polypropolene composite surface. Foot pedal with smooth variable speed control( 0-240 RPM) Reversing plug allows quick change of wheel head direction Easily removable modular control/foot pedal system 5-year warranty 2-Part Splash Pan for easy cleanup


    Highlighted features include:

    •  ½ horsepower industrial motor
    •  100lb centering capacity
    •  14” wheel head
    •  Foot pedal with smooth variable speed control (0-240PRM)
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    Artista Potter's Wheels

    The first truly portable tabletop potter’s wheel, affordably priced, designed with power and features to satisfy both professional potters and beginners.

    This Artista Pottery Wheel is completely portable for tabletop use. Weighing only 26 pounds it can be cleaned, transported and stored easily. The Artista has an 11-inch wheel head and a height only 3-5/8 inches above tabletop. Excellent for schools with limited storage.

    The Artisita wheel is powerful with a 1/3 horsepower industrial motor that runs very smoothly with little noise. This wheel is stable on any flat surface, ideal for standing up, throwing or for physically challenged access. Variable speed hand control (0-220 RPM). Sturdy, high-impact plastic and steel frame construction. It has a convenient space for two 2.5-quart buckets, included (for tools and water). Makes an ideal trimming station.

    Available in left or right handed wheel hand drive.


    Accessories and add–ons include:

    • Static Legs
    • Foot Petal
    • Folding Legs
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    Stools & Accessories

    • ST1 Stool – Professional Potters Stool specially designed padded seat for comfort and increased leg circulation. Unique ergonomics. Wide and high back rest. Air cylinder adjustable seat – extends from 18” to 23”. Swivel motion for versatility. Seat tilts to desired position. Five-leg base with glides for stability.
    • ST5 Stool – Instructional Potters Stool has thin, firm, durable cushion. Manual spindle adjusts from 18” to 21.5”. Five-leg base with glides for stability.
    • ST4 Stool – Instructional/Student Stool has a rugged and contoured seat that provides lower back support. Made from molded plastic, firm cushion, durable in the most severe use conditions. Easy to clean. Air cylinder finger touch height adjustment, extends from 6” to 21”. Five-leg base with glides for stability.
    • ST10 Stool – Stacking Stool is a basic 4-leg stool that is 18” tall with a wooden seat.
    • Bat B75 – 7.5” square. Saves room on your shelf so you can store more pots!
    • Bat B12 – 12” round
    • Bat B14 – 14” round
    • Bat Pins – Attach easily to your wheel head. Holds bats firmly in place while throwing.
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    Big Boss

    For potter’s with bigger needs the Big Boss has all the features of the Clay Boss and more. 1.0 horsepower - provides 150 pound centering capacity and maximum torque at lower speeds. Sophisticated load-sensing control – high tech 110 or 220 Volts controler maintains wheelhead speed under changing loads. Variable Speed Footpedal - smooth electronic control ( 0-240 RPM). 14” Wheelhead - sturdy steel structure (height 19.5") and long-life polypropolyne composite surface. Bat pins included. 2-Part Removable Splash Pan included - for very easy cleanup and high volume liquid reservoir. Heavy-duty Steel Frame - with sturdy 26" x 21" table, protected by durable powdercoated finish. Custom Reverse Plug - standard, proprietary plug allows for quick change of wheelhead direction. Micro V belt drive - Provides quiet, dependable performance.


    Additional & Highlighted Features Include:

    • 1.0 horsepower industrial motor
    • 150lb centering capacity
    • 110 or 220 Volts
    • Footpedal (0-240 RPM)
    • 14" Wheelhead - Sturdy Steel Structure



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