Versátil Watercolor Brushes

This brush was designed with versatility as the primary focus and Versátil really lives up to its name. This line of brushes possesses exceptional snap, superior absorption and fluid retention. It is excellent for use both with watercolor and oil & acrylic, allowing artists to create fine details as well as providing superior performance for coloring large areas and backgrounds.  A truly superior option in the world of synthetic brushes.

The Making of the Versatil Brush

Último Watercolor Brushes

An almost perfect imitation of squirrel has been achieved with this artificial hair. The extraordinary softness of the Último series allows for a capacity to retain liquids nearly identical of that of natural squirrel hair and is so superior it could become a benchmark to replace natural hair in the future.



The Making of Último Brushes

Prado Watercolor Brushes

The Prado line features one of the most valued synthetic fibers because of its similarity to sable hair. It not only imitates its color, but also mimics natural sable’s spring and absorption of liquids. Thanks to the perfect combination of three different diameters and three lengths in the fibers, the brushstroke’s result is the same as one made of natural hair.



Perla Watercolor Brushes

Perla brushes feature a synthetic White Toray fiber known to be among the softest available and ideally suited for watercolor and has the capacity to retain a large amount of paint. The round brush combines three diameters and three different lengths, achieving a perfect tip.