Speedball has partnered with Ravi Engineering Works in order to capitalize on their over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of etching presses, and the result is the ultimate combination of quality and value.  Designed to be ideally-suited for a range of techniques, Speedball Etching Presses can be used for printing etchings, monotype and drypoint plates, woodcuts and linocuts.  Available in two sizes, and two bed and gear types, Speedball Etching Presses also include a 5-year full replacement warranty.  


Direct drive etching presses feature rollers that turn 360° as the handle turns 360°.  The direct drive gear type option is available in the 12" x 24" etching press size only and includes a powder-coated arm with nylon handle.  Models starting as low as $949 MSRP.

Speedball's Etching Presses featuring a direct drive can be purchased with either a metal or phenolic bed.

  • Metal Bed:  7mm steel 
  • Phenolic Bed:  6mm thermoset resin


Etching presses of this drive type incorporate gears to allow operation to be easier and smoother.  Available in both the 12" x 24" and 24" x 36" sizes.

The gear drive ratios for each of these sizes are:

  • 12" x 24":  2:1
  • 24" x 36":  4:1

Speedball's Etching Presses featuring a gear drive can be purchased with either a metal or phenolic bed.

  • Metal Bed:  7mm steel (12" x 24" size); 11mm steel (24" x 36" size)
  • Phenolic Bed:  6mm thermoset resin, both 12" x 24" and 24" x 36" sizes

Models in the 12" x 24" starting as low as $1,199 MSRP, and $2,999 MSRP for the 24" x 36" sizes. 



We had the privilage of working with Bill Fick, Susan Rostow and Scott Ludwig to shoot a beautiful, informative and inspiring video showcasing Speedball Etching Presses. Not only is the work each of these artists created for the feature absolutely brilliant, it also serves to highlight the quality and versatility offered by this truly affordable line.






    Available for the 24" x 36" Speedball Etching Press only, these floor stands are designed to be specific to the selected bed type (metal or phenolic).


    Constructed from a natural, non-woven felt, Speedball's Etching Press Blankets are 1/8" thick and are available in 12" x 21" and 24" x 30" sizes. Sold as a set of two.