Formulated to dry through absorption, not evaporation, Akua Inks remove any time constraints from the creative process since the inks will only dry once printed into the fibers of the paper.  Akua Inks also eliminate the need to handle toxic solvents, as both our Akua Intaglio® and Akua Liquid Pigment® lines clean up easily with soap and water. These ground-breaking inks are made from the highest quality, lightfast pigments, and are complemented by seven modifiers, giving artists the utmost flexibility to experiment with the inks’ viscosity and transparency.

NEW! Akua Carborundum Gel

Representing the latest unique innovation for the Akua line, Akua Carborundum Gel for Platemaking is now available!  Used to create collagraph printmaking plates, this ready-to-use platemaking gel offers a reliable medium that delivers fine, sharp detail and a uniquely textured surface that yields rich, velvety areas of color.  Watch the video below or click here to learn more about this amazing new product!