Feeling like your ink palette has become a little mundane?  Fret not!  We have three products guaranteed to add a punch of color and a dash of glittery glam to your next print run with two Specialty Edition Ink Sets and one fantastic screen printing ink additive!


Speedball has partnered with color experts to create two custom ink sets with exciting color combinations that will inspire and complement any project on your wish list.

First up, Speedball's Energy Surge Set is sure to set creative spark with four bold and vibrant colors including Polar Pulse, Gravity Grey, Magnetic Magenta and Electric Emerald.  Use these colors independently or in a eye-popping combination -- either way, you're image is sure to be high impact!


Project needing more formal flare?  Then our Polished Pastels Set is just what you need.  With each of these four customized colors featuring a hint of pearlescent shimmer, this palette is the ideal way to add a stylish softness to your printing.  Beautiful when printed individually or combination, this set includes: Prim Peacock, Luscious Lilac, Blushing Bride and Pretty in Pearl.



Add a sprinkle of this additive to any Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink to bring a touch of shimmer to your next design.  Perfect for use with any Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink, this Glitter Additive can be used to nearly any ratio, whether your sparkling vision is more subtle or dripping with scintillating shine!



Want to jumpstart your creativity?  See how Speedball partner artist, Jennifer Sanderson of Pigskins & Pigtails, put all three of these products to use in conjunction with the co-developed Beginner Screen Printing Craft Vinyl Kit to create perfectly personalized prints full of clever and unique style!