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Speedball® has spent over a decade dedicated to providing ceramic artists of all ages and skill levels with an impressive range of  high-quality products with one mission in mind; combine professional grade with superior value.

Big Boss Wheels

Big Boss Wheel:  Ideal of potters working with large form, Big Boss features a 1.0 peak HP rated industrial motor that runs quietly as it handles up to 175lbs of clay.  Its 14” wheel head with variable speed control (0-240 rpm) remains smooth and constant under varying loads, and the Boss’ reversing plus allows for quick changes to wheel head direction.  For even greater ease of use, Big Boss contains adjustable glide feet to allow for changes in wheel height or leveling on uneven floors.  Also includes foot pedal and two-part splash pan.  10-year warranty. Eligible for a $75 Speedball Glaze Rebate!*

Big Boss Elite SQ Wheel:  Provides artists with the same quality performance offered by the Big Boss, but also includes a convenient polyethylene utility shelf that can be adjusted to two positions.  10-year warranty.  Eligible for a $100 Speedball Glaze Rebate!*

Factory-Inspected/Used models have been hand-inspected and approved by our in-house Technicians and carry a 1-year warranty.  Models are sold in original packaging.

*Glaze Rebate participation eligible with valid warranty registration only;  Click here for more details.


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