Speedball Print Posse

Speedball is proud to be partnering with some of today’s most well-known and respected printmakers to innovate, design and inspire.

Learn more about each of our Posse members by selecting any of the images below and  follow us for Program updates, product launch and artwork information and Posse giveaways!


    One of the most exciting components of the Print Posse is the NEW INKS that will be created by and for each of the Posse members!

    Check back in the weeks ahead to learn more about what formulation and color your favorite Posse members are working to develop with our Speedball team--and how to get your hands on the inks as soon as they're available.


    The only thing we love more than the works that each of the Posse members creates is when they do it using their Limited Edition inks!
    Follow us and each of the Posse artists on Instagram to get sneak peeks into what brilliant prints will be made--all with our Speedball Posse Relief or Screen Printing Inks as a part of the process and inspiration.


    Speedball's Print Posse will be busy in 2019 and 2020, hosting inspiring and enriching workshops. If you don't happen to live in an area near a Posse member, you can always plan on getting inky with us and all of the Posse members at the Southern Graphics Conference in Puerto Rico. There, you'll be able to meet the artists, pick up works, buy inks and WIN one of our fabulous Posse prizes!


    This Program will not be short on free goodies! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date on how to get custom Print Posse swag, including buttons, stickers, patches and PRINTS!