b'Terminals, turns & upstrokes, left toAngles: When upstrokes are made with right: Classic, Sideways on Corner, Bounce. the corner, pen angle doesnt affect upstroke widthso any angle can work.Leading cornerTrailing edge or corner Left & right: The black shows the pens contact, color shows the mark Leading corner made by the bead of ink after the lift. Trailing cornerBounce TerminalAt the finish of the full contact downstroke, rock onto the corner of the pen in the direction youre going (almost always the rightbut see first j, opposite, going left), and make the upstroke with the corner. Leading Edge/Trailing Edge SwashAfter the pen begins to push, lift the leading corner and continue through with the trailing corner down. The ink will continue to make its tapering mark until you lift the pen off the sur-face. This does not need to be done quickly, but it should be a smooth, continu-ous movement. The v does that with the pen in vertical position, repositioned after the normal bounce.Leading Corner FlickAs you slide right, lift the trailing corner as you pull down the leading one simultaneously. The bead of ink will make the inward curve. This move should be done quickly. The b has an up-flick at the bottom, and the middle of the e as well. The flick on the last c has a delayed lift, causing the pen to show its full width for an instant before the lifting of the trailing corner brings the stroke to a tapering point with the lead corner.DrawnAs you finish the full-contact stroke, rock onto the leading corner of the pen to allow for a more expressive line or a steeper turn without the extra thickness that full contact would cause.Text & illustrations: CR39'