b'TOOLSA SERIESSQUAREThe A-Series nib is where it all started for Speedball.The innovative bent nib wasintroduced in 1915, andstill produces work lines of uniform width with square terminals in one stroke. Ross F. GeorgeB SERIESMichael Clark& Ross F. GeorgeROUNDThe B-Series nib was made soon after the A, making itsdebut in the secondedition of the Textbook,published in 1916. Strokes of uniform width with round terminals can be produced in any direction.POINTED C SERIES PEN FLATFlat tools are thebasis for our Latinalphabet. The C-Seriesnib is a traditional broad-edgednib with a great deal of flexibility, Sachin Shahintended to have similar characteristics to ancient scribesreed pens while offering the lettering artist a close imitationof the finest small brushwork.ELEGANT The Elegant WRITER Writer is an excellent calligraphy marker that makes the thinking process of calligraphy easythere are no dripping, filling or ink flow problems. Michael Clark used it frequently for finished commercial work. Michael Clark104'