b'POINTED PENThe flexible pointed pen is mostPreparing a nib before use can include commonly known for writing scriptswiping the nib with a glass cleaner or such as Roundhand (also known astoothpaste, or gently inserting the writ-Engrossers [or Engravers] Script oring half of your nib into a potato for a Copperplate), Spencerian, Ornamentalminute or two. If all else fails, wet a small Penmanship and Offhand Flourishing.corner of a clean cloth or paper towel Unlike the broad-edged pen, the point- with your saliva and carefully wipe the ed pen comes to a sharp point, whichtop and underside of your nib. Be sure yields fine hairlines when writing in anyto keep your nib clean and dry when not direction (up, down or side-to-side).in use.When pressure is applied to the tip ofPointed nibs can be paired with either the pen on a downward stroke, its twoa straight penholder or an oblique one. tines splay open and a swell or thickIn a straight holder, the nib is inserted in stroke, known as a shade, is produced. a ferrule inside the foot and is parallel to The thickness of the stroke depends onthe body of the penholder. In an oblique the amount of pressure applied and theholder, the nib is inserted in a metal flexibility of the pen point. To avoidflange to the side of the foot, which jagged edges on theoffsets the nib in a thick strokes, alignslanted direction the axis of your nibfrom the holder. with the slant atThis metal flange which the shadescan be adjusted to are pulled. suit the writers New nibs arecustom preferences manufacturedsuch as cant, nib with a protectivesize, etc. Most coating that keepspointed pen scripts them from rusting.can be written Before using ausing either type of new nib, it may bepenholder. Thenecessary to cleanmaterials one off the coating.chooses are a Otherwise, inkmatter of personal beading may occur,preference. r and getting ink to Suzanneflow down the penCunninghamwill be a problem.with Nina Tran58'