b'FLOURISHINGFlourishingGuidelinesHairlines may cross each other; hairlines and shades may cross each other; however, two shades should never intersect. r Flourishes should intersect at or about 90. r Create ovals with your flourishes that sit either horizontally or parallel to the slant line. r Ascenders, descenders, crossbars, entrance strokes and exit strokes are great places to look for flourishing opportunities. r Add flourishes in places that create a balanced look throughout your words. r Begin with a pencil until you gain muscle memory. This takes away the pressure of the pen and ink and allows you to concentrate on mak-ing the correct shapes. r Text & art by Suzanne Cunningham ending stroke ofhorizontal ovalsslanted oval bisectseven spacing between top slanted oval horizontal ovalof flourish & slanted ovalleave enough room to fitan ovalslanted oval2 slanted ovals;even spacingaround inside oval horizontal(forms donut) ovalseven spacing whereending flourish wrapsdown & around flourish bisectsboth slanted ovals2 slanted ovals;red = ovals even spacing even spacing aroundblue =direction inside oval (forms donut)green = spacing horizontal ovalshorizontal ovals66'