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Speedball's Fabric Block Printing Inks
Colors print on a range of fabrics with bold, opaque color, they dry to the touch overnight, and remain permanent through the wash--with NO HEAT SET REQUIRED! They also clean up easily with soap and water.  Click here to learn more


Created by professional printmaker, Susan Rostow, Akua Intaglio will not skin over in the jar or dry on the printmaking plate. It dries through absorption into paper fibers. This delivers a range of meaningful benefits to printmakers. It affords the ultimate in convenience – allowing you to work on prints on your schedule. You can leave your project for an hour, or a day or a week or more and come back and continue to work. When you are finished, you can clean up whenever you want – the ink will not dry on your equipment. In  addition to convenince, there is no wasted ink. You will be able to use the entire jar! The soy-based formulation makes cleanup a breeze, with no harmful solvent required. While the working properties make Akua Intaglio completely unique, printmakers love the beautiful performance of these inks. Susan carefully selected the highest quality pigments in developing a beautiful palette of 27 colors. There are four blacks that deliver a range of warmth and transparency. Beautiful colors range from earth tones to brilliant bright colors to powerful metallics.  Click here to learn more or see the inks in action in The Akua Printshop
Created by professional printmaker, Susan Rostow, Akua Liquid Pigment is made with the highest quality light-fast pigments, with no chalk or suspending agents. Colors are exceptionally strong, yet transparent. The thin viscosity makes it ideal for printing many layers of ink on top of each other. The high pigment load and wide selection of colors make it great for tinting Akua Intaglio Inks, Akua Transparent Base and other inks. Akua Liquid Pigment has a rich working consistency ideal for all monotype techniques. It stays wet on the plate for an extended period of time, allowing many hours to create an image. It will print well on dry or damp paper, and it cleans up easily with water. Click here to learn more or see the inks in action in The Akua Printshop




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