Representing the superior quality, fine art paper that has been produced by our historic partner mill outside the city of Arnhem for over 400 years, Arnhem 1618 boasts the following properties:

  • 100% rag and acid-free
  • Vellum finish
  • Two deckled edges (on white and warm white sheets only)
  • Both internally- and externally-sized

In addition, Arnhem 1618 paper’s subtle grain combined with a smooth appearance allows a variety of media to take to the paper, while remaining a reliable surface for intricate detail. Arnhem 1618’s strong and highly absorbent fibers make it ideal for dry or damp printing, allowing it to accept multiple layers of ink brilliantly.

Table Data
White, 245gsm Warm White, 245 gsmWhite, 320 gsmBlack, Grey & Kraft, 245gsm
8.5"x11" cut sheet8.5"x11" cut sheet8.5"x11" cut sheet
22”x30” full sheet 22”x30” full sheet22”x30” full sheet22"x30" full sheet
26”x40” full sheet
30”x44” full sheet30”x44” full sheet30”x44” full sheet
38”x50” full sheet
50”x150yd roll
5"x7" pad5"x7" pad
8.5"x11" pad8.5"x11" pad
11"x14" pad11"14" pad

Arnhem 5-Packs & Paper Pads

Speedball is proud to offer Arnhem 1618 in 5-packs of full sheets that offer an even greater value as well as glue-bound paper pads in 5" x 7" (20-sheets), 8.5" x 11" (20-sheets)  and 11" x 14" sizes (15-sheets).


Arnhem 1618 is featured in a broad range of Speedball's library of instructional videos.  Click any of the links below to see the true versatility of this high-quality paper.

Artwork Gallery

Rigorously-tested by experts and pros across an array of techniques ranging from graphic relief to silkscreen and intricate intaglio printing, Arnhem 1618 achieved wonderful results using this paper covering a wide range of approaches and techniques.  Visit the Arnhem 1618 Gallery by selecting any of the images below.