We consider ourselves to be a responsible, proactive manufacturer. It is to this cause that we are making our Safety Data Sheets (SDS) available via the web site. SDS are part of OSHA’s (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, www.osha.gov) regulations to be sure employees are informed about any chemical hazards that they are exposed to in the workplace.

The levels of chemicals contained within almost all of our end-products are so low that they pose no threat to your health when used per intended use. Most of our products have been rated by the ACMI (Art & Materials Creative Institute) to be non-toxic per intended use. For more information on ACMI, visit their web site at www.acminet.org. Products which state on the label ASTM-D 4236 have undergone an evaluation by an independent toxicologist. The toxicologist determines if the product contains any potentially harmful ingredients. If it does, the ingredients and health risks must be stated on the label.

Although the data sheets may seem confusing, they are actually easily understood when you know the basics and are usually broken down into eight sections:

  1. Chemical Identity: This section gives the trade name of the product. It also lists the manufacturer, manufacturer’s address, and phone numbers including the phone number to call with questions in case of emergency.
  2. Hazardous Ingredients: This section lists the product components that OSHA considers to be harmful, meaning that they appear on its regulatory chemical lists. A permissible exposure limit is usually listed for each hazardous ingredient.
  3. Physical Data: Describes such distinguishing physical characteristics of the product such as boiling point, odor, and appearance.
  4. Fire & Explosion Data: This section describes how to handle a fire involving the product. A “flash point” is the temperature at which vapors from the product may ignite.
  5. Reactivity Data: Stability, incompatibility and hazardous decomposition products are listed here.
  6. Health Hazard Data: Exposure and first aid information.
  7. Safe Handling: Proper handling and waste disposal instruction.
  8. Control Measures: Recommended exhaust/ventilation equipment and skin & eye protection.

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