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Our Story

“Together, We Make,” was produced in recognition and celebration of the interconnectedness and reciprocal inspiration present not only between our Speedball team members but also with the artist partners we serve. Each and every one of our products showcases the investment we have in people whether through the development and innovation that is informed, shaped and fueled by the insight collected through our artist partnerships or by way of the true craftsmanship exhibited in each hand-tooled, hand-inspected and hand-packed item. We are a company made of individuals committed to participating in our communities across specialty and technique in a way that is meaningful, genuine and that can act as a catalyst for trust and inspiration. This engagement allows our team to learn more about how to best serve our customers through our products and our team dedicates years, often decades, to honing their craft to allow us to continue to deliver consistently high quality products to your studios and classrooms. These collaborations will carry us forward well into the future and it is only with you and as a team that we can truly make something special. Together.

Our Team

Speedball® not only works to deliver superior quality products to the artists it serves, but also hopes to foster an environment that allows its employees to cultivate the best for themselves-both inside and outside of Speedball’s doors. This employee-centric atmosphere attracts just the kind of people you’d want to have creating materials for you—those who are devoted to doing their best each and every day. The team here has many employees that have dedicated most, if not all, of their careers to mastering their crafts at Speedball, only adding to the consistently top-quality materials and service we’re able to offer you.

Our Core Values

  • Passion – We take pride in our work and attack it with zeal
  • Integrity – Ethical, responsible, and fair in all stakeholder relationships
  • Drive – Driven to win
  • Respect  – Treat others as they want to be treated
  • True Grit – We work with resilience and resourcefulness
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit – Proactively seek change and continuous improvement
  • Teamwork – We win by working together and supporting each other
  • Customer Focus – Be consumer-driven and serve our customers with excellence
  • Family – Life/work balance, family first
  • Fearless – Willing to take calculated risks
  • Honesty – Fact-based even when the truth hurts

Our Community

Speedball also works to serve its community through active outreach, volunteerism and donations.  We are proud to support our employees and their commitments to the organizations listed below, in addition to many more.  

As a result of this dedication, Speedball is honored to have been recognized as Statesville, North Carolina's Large Business of the Year 2017.

Our Brands

During its impressive history, Speedball has been able to grow its product portfolio through innovation and acquisition, all without sacrificing our commitment to quality.  Select any of the listings below to learn more about the products that make up any of the great brands that make up the Speedball family.


Arnhem 1618®


Best Test®

Big Boss


Clay Boss®

Elegant Writer®

Mona Lisa™

Pink Soap®

Our Product Lines

Representing our dedication to serving a wide array of art professionals’, hobbyists’ and educators’ needs is Speedball’s diverse mix of product lines.  Select from any of the links below to learn more about any of the categories listed below.

Speedball Block Printing

Speedball Screen Printing

Akua Printmaking

Arnhem 1618 Printmaking Paper

Speedball Gel Printing Plates

Speedball Drawing & Lettering

Speedball Ceramics


Bienfang Paper Products

Mona Lisa Metal Leaf

Speedball Studio Essentials