Formulated to dry through absorption, not evaporation, Akua Inks remove any time constraints from the creative process since the inks will only dry once printed into the fibers of the paper.  Akua Inks also eliminate the need to handle toxic solvents, as both our Akua Intaglio® and Akua Liquid Pigment® lines clean up easily with soap and water. These ground-breaking inks are made from the highest quality, lightfast pigments, and are complemented by seven modifiers, giving artists the utmost flexibility to experiment with the inks’ viscosity and transparency.


take a deep dive into the range of possibilities with a simple, yet expansive palette. In our latest video, “Intro to Monochromatic Printmaking,” Susan Rostow compares the characteristics of Akua Intaglio blacks, grays and whites, providing an in-depth look at the vast tonal range within this limited palette. Learn which pigments to choose for greater intensity, opacity, transparency and mixing combined with different colored Arnhem 1618 papers . This video serves as Part One to a guide for selecting pigments for creating a monochromatic palette. Stay tuned for Part Two, as we expand on the monochromatic palette by introducing the vibrancy of color.

LEARN MORE: Akua Intaglio Viscosity

The unmatched working properties offered by the Akua lines of inks offer up creative potential unlike any other ink on the market.  The innovative formulations responsible for these properties can lead to a range of questions from our  printmakers--none more often heard than regarding Akua Intaglio's viscosity, both across colors and over time.  This question is tackled in the beautifully-shot and incredibly informative video below.

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