Pastel Premier

Double-primed and coated with an aluminum oxide formulated specifically for the line, Pastel Premier is an absolutely ideal surface for pastel painting.  Workable with a range of media as an underpainting, this unique 145lb (310gsm) paper can accept as many as twenty-five layers of pastel.  In addition, Pastel Premier includes a final seal coat that ensures maximum durability, able to withstand almost any measure of scrubbing or reworking.  Available in (3) surface types, (5) colors and in sheets, rolls and pochettes.

Pastel Premier Panels

Pastel Premier Panels combine the performance of our top-selling Pastel Premier paper with one of two surface types to provide the ultimate creative experience for your process.  Available in all (10) Pastel Premier colors and both grits, Pastel Premier Panels feature Pastel Premier paper that is mounted directly to either Eco- or conservation board to remove the need for taping and are ideally-suited for studio use or as a plein air surface.