ArtGraf Liquid Graphite Calligraphy Ink

Formulated in partnership with renowned calligrapher, Paul Antonio Attong, this beautifully rich and versatile ink opens up a range of creative possibilities for calligraphic artists.  Possessing the ideal viscosity and flow for pointed pen and broad edge calligraphy, this ink delivers ultimate opacity and unique character with its pencil-like finish, metallic shine.

ArtGraf Tailor Shape

An exciting and versatile tool for drawing and painting, ArtGraf Pigmented Tailor Shape is a unique formulation of pigments and binders combined to produce intense colors when used dry or for water-soluble techniques. Ideal for travel or studio use, ArtGraf Pigmented Tailor Shape comes in a variety of colors and sets and each chalk measures 1 3/4 ”x2”.


ArtGraf Watercolor Graphite

Packed in a stylish and compact tin ideal for storage between uses, ArtGraf Watercolor Graphite is paintable and ready to use with a wet brush.  In addition, Watercolor Graphite is formulated to bind to paper, is erasable, and allows artists to create a wide range of graphite grays ranging from deep black to more transparent shades.  Also featured in a unique and beautiful gift for any artist, the ArtGraf Watercolor Graphite Set.  This premium set includes (1) each of the following:  20g ArtGraf Watercolor Graphite, 3.5” Graphite Stick and Escoda Prado #4 Synthetic Sable Travel Brush.

ArtGraf Graphite Sticks

A unique blend of graphite and binders, ArtGraf Graphite Sticks are ideal when used dry for drawing or with a range of water-soluble techniques.  Formulated to offer superior results, these high-quality graphite sticks produce a large range of washes and graphite grays.  Available in 3.5” stick or Graphite XL (7”x2”x1”).

ArtGraf Graphite Powder

Create an endless array of grayscale colors from transparent to opaque with ArtGraf Graphite Powder.  Versatile and easy-to-use, this water-soluble graphite powder can be used wet or dry and with other water-based painting materials.

ArtGraf No. 1 Graphite Putty

Soft graphite putty that allows artists to shape the drawing tool according to specific drawing needs ranging from a large ball to make large colored areas for big drawing to a very small tool for greater control. ArtGraf Nº1 can create a wide range of shades and color contrast through the use of more or less material. Nº1 can be used directly from the package or mixed with water.

ArtGraf Carbon Sticks & Pencils

Featuring a rich matte, black lead, these pencils provide an ultra-smooth and consistent stroke and make blending and shading a breeze!