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One of the earliest Speedball logos, circa 1916

Early variation of the Speedball logo, circa 1916

Early logo from C. Howard Hunt Pen Company, circa 1920


One of the flagship brands that joined the Speedball brand family as a part of the Houston Art acquisition that was finalized in in March of 2008, Pink Soap is the brush cleaner of choice for artists, hobbyists and art educators alike

Also a part of the Houston Art acquisition in 2008, Speedball proudly offers a wide variety of Mona Lisa brand products ranging from metal leafing tools and accessories to paint mediums and cleaners

Clay Boss

Acquired by Speedball in 2009, the addition of the Boss Series and Artista pottery wheels solidified Speedball’s position within the ceramics space. Today, the Clay Boss wheel is the top-selling Speedball product

With a proud 80-year history of producing high quality paper offered at a superior value, the Bienfang brand of paper products was added to the Speedball offering in 2010

Representing the same dedication to quality and innovation upon which Speedball was built, the Akua line of professional inks, tools and accessories joined the Speedball brand family in 2012

Speedball began partnering with the historic Schut Papier paper mill in 2014 to produce its 100% rag printmaking paper, Arnhem 1618™

Speedball proudly announced the addition of Best Test adhesives and adhesive removers to its offerings in late 2016, and began manufacturing and distributing the products in early 2017

One of the most well-known variations of our logo, the Speedball “Red Banner” is displayed on a broad range of some of today’s top-selling Speedball products, from Drawing & Lettering to Printmaking

Speedball Corporate Logo

The newest version of the Speedball logo, this modernized and more minimalistic treatment is now used on all of Speedball’s latest product launches, from Speedball Professional Relief Inks to Calligraphy Fountain Pens