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Akua® represents the same dedication to quality and innovation upon which Speedball® was built. Developed by professional printmaker, Susan Rostow, Akua Inks offer artists an unprecedented printmaking experience. Formulated to dry through absorption, not evaporation, Akua Inks remove any time constraints from the creative process since the inks will only dry once printed into the fibers of the paper. Akua Inks also eliminate the need to handle toxic solvents as both our Akua Intaglio and

Akua Liquid Pigment

Akua Liquid Pigment® is made with the highest quality, lightfast pigments, and does not contain any chalk or suspending agents.  Colors are exceptionally strong, yet transparent and are ideal for multi-layer printing. In addition, the high pigment load and wide selection of colors makes it great for tinting Akua Intaglio®Akua Transparent Base or other printmaking inks.  Akua Liquid Pigment’s rich working consistency is excellent for all monotype techniques and its ability to stay wet on the plate for an extended period of time provides artists with many hours to create an image.  All colors carry the AP Seal and clean up easily with soap and water.

And remember–All orders* above $100 are eligible for free shipping.  Just use coupon code FREESHIP100 at checkout!*

*Excludes Pottery Wheels and Woodzilla Presses; continental US only


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