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Meticulously-crafted by hand utilizing only the most superior materials, each Escoda brush represents the company’s commitment to producing the best brushes in the world that has been in place since its inception in 1933.

Escoda Canvas Wallet Sets

Featuring the most popular synthetic series brushes, Escoda has proudly designed four new travel brush sets fashioned in a beautifully designed fabric canvas case. The new sets feature a unique combination of colors, sizes and shapes.

RED SET: Brushes that allow lovers of traditional watercolor to work shapes, lines, graduated shadings, classic perspective. Artists can combine a round Versàtil #12 for its pigment load and good lineal stroke with a Versàtil #6 and a Perla #8, also round, for details and calligraph round, for details and calligraphy.

BLUE SET: Set of round brushes combining a Perla #10 for its perfect point (although a medium-sized number is used), a large-sized Último #16, with an excellent water load, and a Prado #6 for the smallest details-Essential for the most creative moments.

BLACK SET: This travel set allows you to draw, find details and express the most personal feelings. It includes (3) brushes with new shapes and sizes. A round Versàtil #16 with a good pigment load capacity and it also stipples very well, a dagger Perla #1/4″ for organic shapes and wide graduated shadings, and a bright Perla #12 for wide brush strokes.

GREEN SET: Place, light and shades are the first moments we get to create an impressionist painting. This set, which is made up of (3) new travel brushes, would allow you to create this kind of work. A round Último #4 with a length a bit longer than usual to achieve a more accurate outline, a bright Prado #12 for a wide stroke and a round Barroco #16 for more or less highlighted details.

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*Excludes Pottery Wheels and Woodzilla Presses; continental US only


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