Celebrating its 400th year in operation, Schut Papier is world-renowned for its commitment to innovation and passion for craftsmanship in its manufacture of beautiful papers.  Speedball is proud of the lasting relationship it has built with this historic mill to create the superior quality, fine art paper that is Arnhem 1618®, and is honored to celebrate Schut’s momentous achievement with our Arnhem 400 campaign.

Throughout 2018, the Arnhem 400 program will pay homage to Schut Papier’s 400th year through a range of activities, including exciting partnerships with some of today’s most well-respected and acclaimed artists in printmaking, illustration and lettering.  Be sure to check back to our site often or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the tremendous work that results from these collaborations and also take part in the many contests and product giveaways--all celebrating Schut Papier's remarkable achievement!


Arnhem 400 Partner Artists

We are honored to have had the opportunity to partner with the following esteemed artists to assist in showcasing the superior working performance offered by our Arnhem 1618 paper.  The results of each of these artist's tireless work are absolutely stunning and showcase the supreme versatility offered by this premium line.

BILL FICK, Relief Printing:  
"Arnhem paper is the most versatile printmaking paper I’ve ever worked with. It performs beautifully for relief, etching, screen printing and monotypes."

JAMES FLAMES, Screen Printing:  
"This piece is the best work I'm capable of creating right now and working with the Arnhem paper played a big part in what allowed for that."

SUSAN ROSTOW, Monotype, Collagraph, Sculpture:  
“As a mixed media printmaker/artist, I find Arnhem 1618 reliable to use with all my methods and materials.  It has a wonderful surface for receiving the finest details in printmaking and it’s amazingly strong and flexible for forming and embossing into sculptural printed works.”

JOE SUTPHIN, Illustrator: 
"The Arnhem 1618, 320gsm paper is sturdy with a delicate, plush surface. With some care and finesse, I was able to achieve the finest lines I’ve ever laid down with a Hunt 102, and my acrylic ink sat on the surface with crisp edges and zero feathering. This isn’t your everyday, throw-away paper. This is like getting out the fine china for a special guest.”

JOYCE TETA, Calligrapher:  
"Recently I have been working on books with content.  The Arnhem paper has afforded me with weight and grain choices, that  apply to covers as well a folios.When I work wet on wet, the Arnhem paper holds the line and spread equally, and gives exciting and spontaneous  results. As a lettering artist, inks can be tricky with bleed, I am happy to say the Arnhem paper holds a crisp line, with text and texture.  The sewing of Arnhem paper is also a plus, holes keep their stations, and happily close after construction. For me, Arnhem paper has been a delightful find in my calligraphic and book making endeavors."


See how James Flames and Susan Rostow brought their incredible Arnhem 400 pieces to life by viewing the two videos below and check out more of the amazing works created by each of these world-class artists in the Arnhem 400 Gallery!

Arnhem 400 Gallery