New Delhi, India

I am Abhay Pratap Singh Rathoud, an engineer turned Calligrapher & Handlettering Artist.  I didn’t know anything about calligraphy up until my graduation [when] my friends introduced me to this art. I found it so therapeutic and mediative to watch all calligraphy-related videos and thats’s when I thought of giving it a shot. As usual, I did a lot of research, watched YouTube Videos to get some idea about the tools, scripts, books etc. Some fellow calligraphers definitely helped along the way. Since I was always fascinated with Blackletter, I started with one of the form of Blackletter which was Fraktur. Later, I taught myself Brush Lettering, Italics, Foundational Hand and other scripts.

Images of Work


Broad Edge Calligraphy
Brush Calligraphy
Monoline Calligraphy

Favorite Products

Speedball B Nibs - For Monoline Calligraphy
C Series Nibs - for Broad Edge Calligraphy
Speedball Calligraphy Inks, Speedball Handbook [The Speedball Textbook] - for referring different calligraphy styles