DeLand Florida

Adam Noah Berman is an Artist that works in is the medium of printmaking and alternative photography. He is originally from Northeast Florida, where he earned his BFA in printmaking with a minor in photography, Adam now lives in Central Florida working on artwork based on the flora and fauna of Central Florida. He enjoys making prints because,” printmaking is the happy medium between craft and fine art.” He also enjoys botanicals because” plants give me a reason to get out of the studio, and the best place to do research is in the field in Florida”

Artist Statement

My first favorite Speedball product is Speedball Super Black India Ink and nibs. I use Speedball Super Black India Ink for all my drawing and ink washes and sketches in preparation for prints. The Speedball Super Black India Ink works amazing on polyester plates for polyester photography. I have tried other inks but the Super Black stays on the plate for the best reproduction.

Recently, I've started using the Speedball of Supergraphic Black Relief Ink, and I am a big fan. The Supergraphic Black Relief Ink rolls out wonderfully, has a great pigment load, prints very densely, and dries extremely quickly.

My new favorite Speedball product is [Best Test] Paper Cement. I use it for collage and Chine-collé, it doesn't wrinkle the fine washi paper that I use and the paper cement is very easy to work with consistently produces excellent work.

I have also been using the Speedball Acrylic Screen Printing Inks for years. There's never been a water-based screen printing ink that is more versatile and easier to work with then the Speedball Water-Based Screen Printing inks.

Images of Work


Polyester Plate Lithography
Alternative Photography (e.g. Cyanotypes and Salt Prints)