Adam Harris is a local artist from the Turlock area. Adam has been illustrating his favorite superheroes since he was five years old.

Adam is the penciller and inker on the The Block and a member of the Kuretake USA Design Team. When not working on his graphic novel, you can find Adam working with the up and coming “Turlock Toon Skwad,” a trio of illustrators who are looking to inspire the next generation of artists with social media art projects.

Images of Work


I specialize in pen and ink, marker, and watercolor. My passion is in graphic and sequential art.

Favorite Products

While the breadth of Speedball nibs I have tried are amazing, I am a huge fan of the 512 nib! It is very versatile, from thin lines to bold curves, it does it all. To me, it also keeps a nice bank of ink so I don’t find myself going back and forth to the inkwell. The majority of the pieces show here are done with this nib, either on bristol (100lb) or mixed media paper (140lb) The 512 is a great nib for all skill sets!