Somerset, United Kingdom

Aga is a fine artist, printmaker and illustrator based in North Somerset, the United Kingdom. Dedicating herself to botanical, nautical and architectonic illustrations for the past few years Aga has created a unique and extremely high detailed recognisable style.  She discovered printmaking in March 2021.

Aga specializes in the style of old engravings, dotwork (pointillism – graphics composed of dots), she is in love with traditional bookbinding and plants photography. She uses hatching technique, using black or brown ink, a lot of lines and dots and hundreds of hours….

Aga has been drawing since she remembers. One of her first memories was drawing her socks on her feet when she was 3 years old and painting the walls…
She is endlessly fascinated by the old engraving style of Albrecht Durer but also Hokusai Katsushika and Alphonse Mucha.  In 2018 she moved to the United Kingdom, North Somerset, she continues to specialise in plants and architecture, specifically England landscapes, sea monsters and old buildings.
She is a founder of Sea Nest Art Studio based in Weston-super-Mare. Privately, she is a wife, a mother of 3 and a Swiss cheese plant lover. Mixing art and motherhood is the greatest challenge in her life.

Aga is represented by Heart of the Tribe Gallery from Glastonbury /UK

MAR-APR/2022: Solo exhibition, Heart of the Tribe, ‘Between Land and Sea’, Glastonbury/UK
JUN – NOV/ 2021: Group exhibition, Great Bow Wharf Gallery, Langport / UK
MAR / 2021: Participation in the COW 2020 ILLUSTRATION BIENNALE, Dnipro / UKRAINE
DEC / 2020 – JAN /2021: Heart of the Tribe, ‘Shape and Form’ group exhibition, Glastonbury / UK
MAY / 2020:  Heart of the Tribe, ‘Diversity’ group exhibition, Glastonbury / UK
JUL / 2019:   Parallax Art Fair, London / UK


Images of Work


Linocut Prints

Favorite Products

Speedball Professional Relief Inks - I have a set of 6 colours (black, white, red, blue, yellow and transparent), I love to mix them to get my own new colours for example shades of brown or greens. They have very good consistency for my huge linocut prints (about 105x75 cm). They are easily washable and not drying too fast during inking my lino block and printing. It's very important for me, because I hand pull my lino blocks, I work without a mechanical press.