Peoria, IL

Located in Peoria, Illinois, Alex Carmona has been honing his skills in the art of traditional printmaking since 2008. His passion for motorcycle and automobile design is the subject of most of his work. Alex’s love for woodworking also plays a big role in the fabrication of his enormous block prints. Each of his woodcuts are carved into a block of wood that he constructs himself.

Alex Carmona’s unwavering commitment to the art of printmaking has challenged the boundaries of detail and magnitude; coupled with his determination to educate people on this lost art form.  Alex has been given the opportunity to work with several high profile clients such as the Fender Musical Instrument Corporation, Speciality Equipment Market Association (SEMA), and Kremer Racing Team in Germany. His collaboration with Fender created the world’s first hand carved “Woodcut Telecaster.”


Petrol-fueled machines. My obsession with automobiles matches my obsession of art, family, and country. Carving elegant lines into a hand made woodblock and always trying to push the limits of detail and scale, my woodcuts are a representation of my love for an industry that is rooted in competition. Using razor sharp carving tools, I explore new ways to create values through patterns of lines. A singular line stands frail and alone, but a group of lines working together can create vast variations of dark and light.

The art of printmaking is unforgiving. One slip of the gouge and you’re forced to improvise, or start from scratch. I live for obstacles and complicated techniques, and I strive to convey these complications through my carvings. Ordinary art can hold you prisoner; think beyond it, and you’ll be set free.


The first roll of ink on my very first woodcut exposed me to Speedball. I have been using Speedball products since my introduction to printmaking in 2008. I have been traveling the country, and the world, exposing thousands of people to the lost art of printmaking. The uniqueness of the printmaking process started out as a selling point for my art, but quickly evolved into educating others in formal and informal settings.

As a Speedball Ambassador I look forward to teaching printmakers how to refine their skills in carving and printing. I will always be a student in the discipline of printmaking, and I hope to find and encourage others with the same mindset.


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Images of Work


Woodcut | Reduction Woodcut
Wood Engravings
Woodblock Fabrication

Favorite Products

Professional Relief Inks and Fabric Inks - I find these to be the most consistent and easy to use/clean up inks on the market today.

Linoleum Blocks - I love the smoothness and consistency of these blocks. They are the best to learn on, and make for very clean prints.

Hard and Soft Rubber Brayers - I like how evenly they disperse inks, and if used carefully won’t warp like others I have tried.

Arnhem 1618 Paper - the quality of this paper is just as good as Japanese papers.