Rockville, MD

My name is Alexis Lesnick, and I’m a relief printmaker and illustrator residing just outside of Washington, DC. My work celebrates color and pattern, and explores pop culture, nostalgia and ephemera. I take cues from the natural world; the changing of the seasons, the life cycle and the balance of light and dark.

I’ve been an artist all my life, exploring all kinds of mediums from painting to iconography to photography. I dabbled in printmaking in college but didn’t revisit it again until 15 years later, in 2019. I got myself a Speedball beginners kit, found a supportive community of artists online and I haven’t looked back! I fell in love with every aspect of relief printing, from carving to finished print. For the past 4 years, I’ve been selling my hand-pulled prints and block-printed goods online via my Etsy shop.

I love to explore texture and color through my printmaking techniques; layering different types of ink, creating patterned backgrounds to be printed over, seeking out various kinds of paper. I love to experiment with how these things can transform the mood of a print. I also love to use printmaking to create usable art, like garlands and greeting cards. Printmaking has always felt like a magical, transformative experience to me; my goal is to translate that magical feeling into my finished pieces.

Images of Work


Relief Printing, Screen Printing

Favorite Products

Speedycarve is my favorite medium to carve! It’s incredibly versatile for printing by hand, it’s durable and it works so well for fabric printing too. I also love the Professional Relief Ink line and soft rubber brayers.