Boy, if I’d had known that one day I would be a professional potter, I would have taken more than Introduction to Pottery in college! Pottery as a medium is relatively new to me. While stationed in Germany (2008) there were many recreational centers on base. One of them had pottery wheels and a kiln, and I have been hooked ever since. I am predominantly self taught – I read manuals, pottery books, and research almost constantly. Pottery is my love and my passion.

Each piece in my shop is 100% handcrafted and designed by me. My work is not intended to incite deep thought or emotion, but rather to provoke a smile and a laugh. I enjoy creating whimsical, fun, and brightly colored pieces with those tiny quirky details that bring each piece to life and give it my sense of humor. I take great pride in the craftsmanship and quality of each piece I make. Know that when you buy one of my pieces, a little bit of my soul is left behind.

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Maker of Fun - Functional - Funky - Pottery
Underglaze transfers and decals

Favorite Products

As a printer turned potter I have used Speedball products for 20 plus years. It’s a brand I have come to love and trust.  As a potter I instantly fell in love with the true to color underglaze (especially the pink, orange, gray, and light blues!!!).  What I love most about Speedball Underglaze is that it plays well with other products. I have referred to it in the past as: the little black dress of underglaze (it just goes with everything and always looks great)! I love variety and I love colors, but my jam is mixing and matching brands.  A lot of potters (both new and old) don’t like to do this. As you well know, testing is a huge thing because not all materials are the same, not all are compatible, and testing is time consuming and a pain in the tush!  The beauty of Speedball’s products is I have experienced little to no bad reactions with their underglaze used in conjunction with other underglaze brands, glazes, and different clay bodies (my count is two different brands and 5 different types!).

I am not a formally trained potter, so when I started exploring the world of underglazes, Speedball was recommended to me as an affordable alternative to other brands, and the rep at Clay-King spoke highly of the color intensity! Sold! What I noticed at first was the fact that the underglaze was slightly thicker, so I was able to use less with better coverage.  That was 2017 when they just hit the market, three years later I am still obsessed. I use Speedball in every piece I make, sometimes 100% sometimes less, but I have confidence in what the result will be when I open my kiln! In the beginning of my clay journey and not having the space or abilities to make my own glaze, having a product come straight from the bottle and do exactly what it should was vitality important. I still find it mind blowing that people come to me for advice and troubleshooting tips now. I attributed in part to the Speedball products!