Houston, TX

Amber Kaiser lives and works in Houston, Texas. Having a sculpture background, Kaiser feels printmaking was a natural direction to go in with the three-dimensional quality of printmaking techniques. As a member of Burning Bones Press, she has learned and created with many talented artists throughout the past 6 years. Kaiser’s art focuses on the human figure and their environment, whether physically or culturally. She is an avid traveler and has conducted print demonstrations internationally as well as participated in international residency programs. Lino cut has been her primary medium, but also enjoys etching, and clay work. Kaiser is usually found either conducting a local workshop, at BBP or her home studio.


Joining Speedball’s Demo program is a great opportunity for me because of the excitement and motivation this team brings to the world of printmaking. The demo artist program provides a direct platform to share and teach the techniques that we artist practice on a regular basis! The fact that Speedball desires to be so closely involved and work with the artists who use their product daily, is both inspiring and motivating. This program will provide a way to reach out to the local communities to share techniques, new products and explore creativity with one another.


Tabletop / Open to Public Events
Lecture Demonstrations

Images of Work


Relief Printing
Drypoint | Etching

Favorite Products

Speedball Professional Relief Ink- saturation of color as well as dry time and clean up. Superior to any relief ink I have used in the fact that I can mix and ink multiple prints without worrying about the ink drying out on me too quickly.

Akua Drypoint Plates- I enjoy using these because of how user-friendly they are. No beveling and the plates are easy to incise lines and textures into. I have also used them for monoplates as well.