Newark, NJ

Angela Is A U.S. Printmaker.

Angela Pilgrim’s art has been featured in prestigious publications such as The Creative Independent and The Getty Archives. Her contributions to the art world extend beyond print, as she has also been actively engaged in guest residencies and lectures across the nation. Her work is held in both public and private collections both nationally and internationally, including the Newark Public Library, Petrucci Family Foundation Collection of African American Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Pilgrim’s participation in group exhibitions is noteworthy, particularly her inclusion in Black Histories, Black Futures at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Printmakers North American Print Biennial and Gadsden Museum of Art. Additionally, she serves as a board member of Frontline Arts in Branchburg, New Jersey, and is a member of the Florida Printmakers Society.

Her contributions to the artistic community have been recognized through numerous grants and awards, including the Newark Artist Accelerator Grant in 2020 and the 2023 Creative Catalyst Grant from Newark Arts. Angela Pilgrim currently resides and works in New Jersey.

Images of Work


Screen Printing

Favorite Products

1. URETHANE BLADE SQUEEGEE: I like that the durability of the squeegee gets most of my printing run jobs done and most efficiently for long printing runs in my studio. I absolutely love that it is more resistant to physical abrasion and very comfortable on my hands. While a big fan of the quality, it also makes the cleanup process that much smoother, the ink just glides right off. All of my squeegees currently are from Speedball.

2. FABRIC SCREEN PRINTING INK:  I use Speedball Fabric Printing Ink on paper and fabric.  The ink provides a smooth, vibrant hue to my prints that lends a hand to my work aesthetic. I truly hate when the screen clogs with ink (a pain when it comes to printing for long periods) but I love how easy this ink is to work with, I always brag to my printing friends that this ink is ideal for long printing runs.

3. SCREEN FILLER:  I use Speedball Screen filler to cover pinholes in my screen from uneven emulsion coating.  Sometimes, a quick screen coating can lead to uneven distribution. So on occasions when this happens, Speedball Screen Filler comes in handy. It truly helps me to not have to reburn a screen because of pinholes. All printers know the importance of a beautifully burned screen and the time that goes into the processes that come with it. This product really helps minimize the time I am working in my studio, which is important for my production time. I have plans to use this product for small workshops working with beginner printers instead of emulsion.