Savannah, GA

Anthony TungNing Huang is a printmaker, illustrator, and ballroom dancer. He is currently pursuing his Master of Fine Arts degree at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Huang migrating from place to place–born in Taiwan, growing up in Shanghai, and studying in the U.S. — shaped his multicultural identity. The instability of life and collision of cultures evoked a longing for wholeness, harmony, and tranquility. He found this in the subtlety and serenity of nature, and this is reflected in his artworks.

Huang’s artistic creation is profoundly influenced by Chinese flower-and-bird paintings, which depict nature’s beauty, often conveying symbolic meanings, mostly reflecting a yearning for happiness and harmony. For instance, magpie heralds fortune and happiness, bamboo implies integrity and career advances, and orchid represents nobleness and modesty. Birds are chirping under the tree canopies, insects perching on flowers, and fish leaping out of a creek—each element is incomplete without its environment. The sum of and the interaction between these elements create a sense of wholeness and harmony. He attempts to capture and frame these moments in his art works.

Images of Work


Relief Printing

Favorite Products

Speedball's Red Baron Linoleum Blocks is one of my favorite materials for relief print. The delicate flat surface allows me to create more intricate details.

The Akua inks give me more chance to translate my paintings into monotypes. The high quality of the pigments and great formula allows me to create more artwork without any hesitation.

I use Arnhem 1618 Paper when I print my relief print; the paper's quality allows ink to take to the surface and keeps my details.