Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi! I’m Ash. I was born in upstate NY and now live in the beautiful Nova Scotia with my hubby and animals. I’ve always loved art, but did a number of different jobs before starting my journey as a full time artist in 2014. My growth as an artist has been constantly influenced by the kindness and support of others, what an amazing environment to flourish in!! I have been fascinated by ceramics since I was maybe 5 or 6 years old, but always thought it was out of my reach. Through a lot of encouragement, hype, and total enabling from Justin my hubby and Dani my friend and ceramic mentor, I took the plunge in November 2019 to get some basic supplies, February 2020 I bought my first kiln, April my first wheel, and then my second larger kiln came along a few months later. Safe to say I’m head over heels in love with this medium! Thank you for coming along the journey with me!  <3 Ash

Images of Work


Sgraffito, painterly, sculpture, wheel throwing and altering, working in earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, and local wild clays

Favorite Products

Underglazes!!! My goodness the flexibility of temperature, the vibrancy even at cone 6, the mixability, the economical pricing, the crispness (the lines of color don't BUDGE or bleed!)  the pigment potency that you can water it down to a sprayable texture and it's still vibrant?! Need I go on???

Upcoming Workshops/Events

I will be making ceramic tutorials, for now it is painting, sculpting (in polymer clay) and how to start selling your work online. Click here for a free two-month subscription