Chicago, Illinois

Abbas Husain and Noreen Walls are a duo of printmakers based in Chicago, working under the name Bagman Studios. Abbas is an illustrator, creating original designs, both traditionally and digitally. Noreen left her job in 2021 to join Abbas in printmaking and managing the business. Their entire printmaking process is done by hand, including mixing custom colors of Speedball acrylic ink. Their art is light-hearted and focuses on pleasing combinations of creatures and colors. Abbas and Noreen are passionate about sealife, art, and most of all, their cat Cleo.

Images of Work


Screen Printing

Favorite Products

Our favorite Speedball products are the acrylic screen printing inks. We love bright, saturated colors and the Speedball ink is the perfect product for that. It suits our process because it doesn’t dry in the screen while we are registering or dealing with a mid-run problem. We keep a small spray bottle of water to rehydrate the ink and screen surface occasionally. We love mixing in the transparency base to try and achieve bonus colors in a design using color overlays. Some of our favorite colors include the Peacock Blue, as well as the process and fluorescent colors.