Baltimore, MD

Bailey Race is an illustrator and silkscreen artist currently working and residing in beautiful Baltimore. Originally from a small town in upstate New York, Bailey prepared to study physics or architecture in college, but made a drastic switch to become an illustrator mid-way through his final year in high school. Having never taken an art class before, it was an uphill fight to make his dream a reality.

Jump forward four years, he is now creating hand illustrated prints of fantastical environments, inspired by his background in architecture and love for outer-space. Bailey has created gig-posters for up-and-coming bands such as Brother Moses, Cleopatrick, and Northern National. Just passing the one year mark of illustration and screen printing in October of 2018, Bailey shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and is certain to make 2019 a big year.


Artist Statement

With my work, I intend to bring on waves of both nostalgia and fascination for any viewer that steps up to a piece. I combine architecture that couldn’t exist, vast environments, botanical elements, and a whole lot of outer-space to create environments that stand apart from each-other. Screen printing allows me to do so because of its eye-catching colors and graphic qualities, and traditional pen illustration allows me to capture the fine details that are necessary to draw the viewer into the work.

Images of Work


Screen Printing
Pen & Ink Illustration

Favorite Products

I print exclusively with Speedball Acrylic  Screen Printing Inks, and I am a BIG fan of the Medium Yellow, Medium Red, and Ultra Blue shades. Almost all of my colors are derived from those colors mixed with a white or black ink base. The inks are unparalleled in every aspect, especially when it comes to the eye-catching color and opacity, regardless of the project at hand.