Bilbao, Spain

Bego Viñuela is a professional calligrapher who is in love with the letters. This passion started in the typography classes during her university studies of Fine Arts in UPV/EHU (University of Basque Country) and it increased with the completion of her Masters in Advanced Typography in the University of Barcelona. Since then, she keeps learning and developing her career, attending habitually international courses on calligraphy taught by the most prestigious calligraphers. Through the acquisition of a deep specialized learning, she carries on studying, experimenting and teaching all the techniques and possibilities that this discipline offers. As a result of what she feels and she does, Bego Viñuela has been teaching calligraphy for years in her study/ school named “Caligrafía Bilbao.”

In “Caligrafía Bilbao”, she teaches what she knows and what she keeps constantly learning in order to preserve and spread a trade that demands persistent practice and passion. She has also taught numerous calligraphy courses on the different varieties such as English, brush pen, Gothic, uncial, Roman and expressive in universities, cultural centres, associations, etc. She has even taught in South America. She balances her teaching with her work for different luxury brands (Dior, Vogue, Jo Malone…) and creates wedding and event invitations as the ones that made an impression in the Montblanc culture awards held in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. In recognition of her outstanding work, she was selected for the exhibition “Caligrafía hoy. Del trazo al concepto” (“Calligraphy today. From the stroke to the concept”) that was held in the National Library in Madrid that gathers the work of the best international calligraphers. Bego is also the author of the first manual on English Calligraphy published in Spanish.

It’s a great pleasure to participate in this edition of ‘The Speedball Textbook’ becasue I’ll share pages with calligraphers that I admire.  I especially thank Suzanne for her closeness and for having valued my work.”



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Pointed Pen
Broad Edge Calligraphy
Brush Pen

Upcoming Workshops/Events

I currently have two online courses on the Domestika platform: '"Copperplate from A to Z' and 'Italic calligraphy with Brush Pen"

I also teach face-to-face classes in Spain and worldwide and due to covid situation I also teach classes through Zoom platform.  Visit “Caligrafía Bilbao” to learn more.