Los Angeles, California

Bill lives in Los Angeles with his wife and cat. He makes his work at his home studio, a small backyard shed, his living room and front porch. Recently returning to block printing after an extended break he is amazed to see how far ink has come in that time. Besides making prints, Bill also engraves metal, makes drawings and sculptures, collects crystals and practices Reiki.

Artist Statement

I hadn't printed a block in, I don't know, 8 years or so. I got the itch to carve something one day and needed to get paper and ink. I picked up a can of Supergraphic Black and fell in love. I set my studio up on as small of a budget as possible, most of my supplies I buy at the dollar store, the wood I've been carving came was going to be thrown in the trash and a lot of the paper I've been using has been sitting around for years. I guess I made a decision to try to be as sustainable as possible in my studio and not having to use anything harsher than water and dish soap to clean up makes it even better. As far as imagery, I'm all over the place, for me this is about communicating and healing. I'm referencing magical images and spiritual icons, exploring ways to help others feel connected to protection, healing and a universal energy. The world has gone crazy and anything that helps me feel better I hope to share with others. I've also been making these prints and drawings of clubhouses and stores, they're all made up but refer to places that exist. The buildings tend to be pretty ramshackle, made out of plywood and trash, covered in graffiti and ridiculous signs that warn trespassers and police to stay away. I find them intimidating but comforting... if you aren't here for fun go home.

Images of Work


Relief Printing

Favorite Products

Supergraphic Black Professional Relief Ink is awesome to work with, easy clean up, prints like butter and it's black, what else could you want?

3” & 4” soft rubber brayers are what I've always used to roll ink. This size is ideal to me. I don't have a lot of space for my “print shop” and being able to carry everything to the kitchen sink for cleanup is great. These are super affordable and if you treat them right they last a long time.