Fairport, NY

Artist Statement

Brooke’s vibrant pottery combines bold forms and arresting
surfaces. She chooses a fearless underglaze color palette to decorate her
work, breaking her forms into color blocks, illustrations, and punctuating
design elements that accentuate form.
Brooke received her BFA in Ceramics from WVU, in 1995. In the past
decade, her work has been shown both nationally and internationally and can
be found in galleries along the east coast. She is a full time studio potter,
living in Upstate New York.

Images of Work


Layered underglaze on bisque ware with pencil overlay, vinyl die cut application with spot glazing.

Favorite Products

Speedball underglaze:
My favorite working property of Speedball underglaze is its dried surface, once it’s applied to my bisque ware. It has a soft unfired glaze surface, allowing other material applications to be easily applied. When I lay a sticky vinyl stencil on top of it, I can rely on the underglaze surface to stay in place while I work. I am able to use underglaze pencils over the surface with success. As I work, I use a lot of layered colors. Speedball underglaze allows me to add layers without the worry of it ever being too thick. Surface defects do not seem to be an issue with this method. Finally, I can add layers of glaze over the underglaze surface as I work, making the entire decorative process workable, without the need to rebisque between steps.

Upcoming Workshops/Events

WNY Pottery Festival
Avon, NY June 17-18, 2023 http://www.instagram.com/wnypotteryfestival