Arcata, Northern California

With dreams of bettering the planet, I graduated with a B.S. in Ecological Restoration, and two minors (Botany and Watershed Management) from Humboldt State University. I started my own native garden and landscaping business as a student, then went full-time after I graduated. “Just Be,” as I called it, helped locals learn about biodiversity with native plants, while removing invasive plant species. The first summer of graduation, I was given a gift of a “10-week workshop in ceramics” at the local art center. Meeting once a week, for 10 weeks, for two hours, it became my therapy, my meditation, my sacred space. When I wasn’t working with plants and soil, I was in clay. I worked both fronts until late 2016, when I decided to take “CBeCeramics” full-time. I have been creating behind the wheel ever since.

I work with commercially manufactured stoneware and porcelain clay. All works are bisque fired in an electric kiln, and natural gas-fired to Δ10 (2345°F) in a reduction kiln, unless otherwise noted. This temperature range known as high fire, results in the most durable and useful pieces possible. The reduction atmosphere helps to create a wide range of texture and hues in the glazes. I use an electric potter’s wheel, clay slabs, and hand build to create my pieces. The work I make is a reflection of myself: an amalgamation of all I’ve opened my heart to. It mirrors the past and current inner workings of my being. This ranges from natural resource and environmental aspects such as botany, wildlife and mycology, to sexual health/awareness, identity, and self-care/love.

Images of Work


Wheel-thrown porcelain and stoneware

Favorite Products

My ultimate favorite product by Speedball is their Clay Boss. It’s my first wheel, after using a different brand at the community studio I am a member of. I’ve been throwing for a living for over five years, and having their potter’s wheel in my home for production has been a blessing during the 2020 Pandemic. The ease, function, weight of the wheel, durability and affordability are just some of the reasons why I love this wheel. It’s now the lifeline to my work.

A close runner up in favorites are a bundle, as they work together for me: Carve Blocks + Speedball Linocutter + Speedball Roller. I am a carving fiend, so when I am not carving on porcelain, I enjoy carving through one of Speedball’s speedy carve blocks using their linocutter. I also use their bench hook, baren, and roller to apply their fabric [block printing] ink onto my cotton canvas to create functional fabric pieces.