Portland, Maine

Chandlyr is a multidisciplinary Printmaker and Designer based in Portland, Maine, and is the creator of her colorful home and lifestyle brand, Freckled Fuchsia. Growing up she was always drawing, painting, making friendship bracelets, and getting her hands into any creative medium she could find. Her formal background is in Industrial Design, where she earned her BS at Wentworth Institute of Technology. After graduating, she worked as a UX/UI Designer for a few years designing consumer apps and medical interfaces, but really found herself missing the playful, hand-made of aspect of the design process after working behind a screen day after day. In 2018, she picked up illustration and block printing again to get back to her crafty roots.

With little block printing instruction, her printmaking work is primarily self-taught, and she’s always learning and experimenting as she goes. Chandlyr uses block printing as a way to create minimal, abstract and geometric patterns for products such as tea towels. Her patterns are of high contrast touched with bold pops of color.

Images of Work


Block Printing
Pattern Design

Favorite Products

Speedball Art Fabric Ink for Block Printing: This is definitely my most-used product! Most of the products that I block print are tea towels, so this is my go-to product for fabric printing. I also sometimes use this ink when printing on hand-made cotton paper because the black is so rich and bold, and I feel like it works very well with heavier-weight papers.

Speedball Baren: I’m not sure what I would do without a baren! This tool is incredibly important to me when it comes to making prints that are consistent and saturated.

Speedball Lino Cutting Kit: This was my first lino cutting kit I purchased, and I still use mine to this day. It includes a nice variety of cutters, and I use them when I teach workshops as well. They’re very accessible to those who are just getting into printmaking!