Orange, CA

I am Southern California based artist, interested in exploring the visceral reactions of inclusion and exclusion through the implementation of imagery present in Anytown, USA. Whether portraying the welcoming invitation of warm neon or the ghostly abandonment of a deserted strip mall, my intentions are to transport the audience to the physical and mental state of having nothing to do and nowhere to go.


In my experience as a printmaker, Speedball has been the most consistent brand, in terms of product quality, regardless of practice. Speedball’s products, be they ink or tool, are ready to use, built to last and dependable. It is my honor to work with Speedball, who continuously provides the tools I need to create my art. The ability to serve as an ambassador for printmaking, by introducing, creating and demonstrating, is one I hold in high esteem. I have found printmaking to be enriching and, with wide-ranging its various practices can be, I believe that printmaking can be a creative outlet for every person.


Tabletop / Open to Public Events
Lecture Demonstrations

Images of Work


Screen Printing
Relief Printing

Favorite Products

Speedball Linoleum Cutter: My first printmaking specific tool and my go-to for lining out all blocks.

Speedball Mounted Linoleum Block, Tan: By far the easiest block to work with, cuts smooth without crumbling and withstands numerous printings without losing structural integrity.

Speedball Acrylic Process Magenta Screen Printing Ink: The most stable process ink I have used for CMYK screen printing. In my experience with CMYK prints, your magenta layer is the most temperamental and susceptible to dot gain, especially with high resolution images. Speedball’s Acrylic Process Magenta lays flat, blends well and is ready to use, without any additives, to create crisp, clean prints.