Brooklyn, NY

Artist Statement

My work features figures, scenarios or dimensional structures that exist in unidentified spaces with little to no reference to any outside world. These voids and protrusions summon up deep-felt metaphysical polarities of presence and absence, concealment and revelation. The work involves figurative imagery or reflective surfaces that insert the viewer themselves. Resulting in impassioned portraits or concave/convex mirrors whose reflections attract and swallow the
viewer, the work depicts and reveals the various physical, psychological and emotional states we have as human beings. Through photography and printmaking, my images are developed with a variety of wet and dry media, creating an overlap of realism and imagination. The forms are stripped back, revealing various incarnations of vulnerability and fragmented identity, pushed to a point of revelation.

Images of Work



Favorite Products

Working primarily monochromatically, my go-to ink mixture is Akua Intaglio Mars and Bone Black. Given Akua’s more transparent yet vibrant nature, I aim to explore the wide color range Akua offers, deepening and broadening my palette’s. The rich, dense nature of the Akua
Intaglio black(s) yields velvety, evocative prints.

When working with many layers, I often tint the Akua transparent base with the Liquid Pigments to bring up colors gradually. I find this to be the optimal way to achieve a balance of vibrant color, transparency, and successful overlays.