Monroe, WA

I received a BFA in Drawing & Painting from Long Beach State University in 1987. I studied at Humboldt State University while completing my MFA in Studio Art at CSU Los Angles. I participated in workshops at Crown Point Press in San Francisco in 1997, ’98, 2006 & 2011. I taught Studio Art at Rio Hondo College from 1998-2009.

When my daughter was born in 1997, I knew she would be spending time in my studio and thus I wanted to rid it of as many harmful chemicals as possible. Not only are Akua inks safer, but they meet professional standards in terms of pigment load. They also have qualities that are unique and can’t be duplicated with other inks.

A primary focus of my work has included a certain depth and richness of color. Akua inks provide this along with an ease of use that facilitates the art making process. They have been a particular Godsend for teaching in that they have almost nullified the learning curve in terms of plate wiping.

Images of Work