Photo Credit: Rick Wenner

Sag Harbor, New York plus national and international locations.

I am an experimenter, an explorer and a seeker of beauty.    When I set out to work, I don’t have an image in mind, nor a particular focus, but, my vision unfolds as the work develops.  I am a process oriented person, interested in employing materials and techniques to the ‘landscape’ of my mind.  I believe that my creative act takes place during my process, with no end in sight.

Artist Statement

My drawings, paintings and prints evolve from the idea of linear pathways echoing from the tracks of animals in nature, fissures in rock palisades and the patterns created by my hands becoming ‘playful’ with the tools I work with.  The combination of using Akua Inks with Solarplate is an ideal marriage of ‘healthier’ ways of creating as well as aiding in the spontaneity of the process.

Photo Credit: Rick Wenner

Images of Work



Favorite Products

Akua inks and supplements, Speedball brayers