Austin, TX

Dana Bergstrom is a printmaker and mixed media artist based in the eclectic and lively state capitol of Austin, Texas. Born and raised in Southern California, she earned a BA in Studio Arts with a minor/concentration in Printmaking and a BA in Business Administration from Whittier College in 2015. It is there she discovered and nurtured her new appreciation of traditional printmaking practices including monotype, intaglio, lithography and relief. The latter, specifically linocut relief printing, becoming her concentration in the art world.

Artist Statement

Printmaking has always been a personal passion for me as well as a therapeutic relief and escape from my daytime career which, oddly, has nothing to do with art or creativity. I dedicate my evenings and weekends to carving, printing, and selling original linocuts and other commissions through my online shop, DanaBeeArt. I derive my inspirations from the natural world around us including the human form, flora, fauna and insecta. However, I always love to add a flair of whimsical and imaginative design to the draw out the narrative of each piece.

Images of Work


Relief Printing

Favorite Products

I learned the very basics of printmaking using almost exclusively Speedball tools, inks, brayers and barens and since then I haven't made a piece without using at least one Speedball product. In my opinion, Printmaking and Speedball go hand in hand. First and foremost, I LOVE my trusty Speedball Linoleum Cutter, particularly size No.1. I have without a doubt used it on every block I've ever carved and will continue to do so. Next up is the Speedball [Professional Relief Ink] Supergraphic Black Relief Ink and it's buttery texture that really locks onto a block's fine details. And finally, the Speedball rubber brayers and barens consistently help produce clean, crisp prints.