Stockton, California

Daniel Villa, a self-taught artist based in Stockton, specializes in Linoleum and Woodcut Printmaking. Since late 2019, he has meticulously refined his skills in the medium, all while implementing non-toxic printmaking practices from his home studio.
As an active member of Art Expressions of San Joaquin, Daniel contributes to arts education via workshops and demonstrations.

Beyond the studio, Daniel shares his creative journey on social media, offering glimpses into his artistic process. When not immersed in printmaking, he finds inspiration in classical music, hanging out with his cat Cheeto, and enjoys the adrenaline rush of being an offensive lineman with his home team, Central Valley Heat Football.

Images of Work



Favorite Products

Speedball Professional Relief Inks (Set of Four) - Supergraphic Black, Quinacridone Red, Hansa Yellow Light, and Phthalo Blue. I love this set as it offers primary colors plus black which allows one to mix a wide range of hues. Speedball Fabric Block Printing Inks and Speedy Carve are my two other favorite products. These two work very well together in providing excellent versatility when it comes to printing into fabric like shirts. I enjoy creating tote bags with these inks as the oil transfers smoothly to fabric. The pink Speedy Carves transfer sharp and clean lines with the advantage of being easy and fun to work with.