Cazenovia, New York

Dusty spent his childhood in Iowa daydreaming and drawing whimsical characters from his imagination. He studied graphic design and animation at the Art Institute International in Minnesota.  Currently, he is a full-time ceramic artist living in New York.

Artist Statement

I am fascinated with the natural flow of organic shapes and the hard edges of the industrial world. I love to push the boundaries between my imagination, and the physical limitations of the clay.  I sculpt industrial hard edge shapes, screws and bolts and incorporate them into an organic natural flowing design.

My work is full of expression, life and whimsy.  When creating a new piece, I am telling the story of a single moment frozen in time. As a Sci-Fi fanatic, I reference the past, the future, the alterative dimensions and everything in between.    My art ranges from sculptural to functional, and is intended to enhance the user’s experience.

Images of Work


Underglaze on wheel thrown and handbuilt pieces
Underglaze transfers and decals

Favorite Products

I make the majority of my work on my favorite wheel which is a Boss Elite SQ , it can handle any amount of clay I can throw at it. I have a variety of extruders that make my life so much easier. For finishing my pieces off I love my Speedball Underglazes. They offer an amazing variety of vivid color to my work as base colors and washes. They also work well when making underglaze transfers.