Asheville, NC

Eliana Rodriguez was born in New York and raised in North Carolina. She recently graduated from Appalachian State University where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Printmaking and a minor in Dance Studies. After graduating, Rodriguez worked as a Summer Resident and Studio Assistant at Odyssey Clay Works in Asheville, NC. She has also worked on the board for the Southern Graphics Council International Printmaking Conference as the Student Representative from 2018-2020. Currently Rodriguez is working as an instructor at the Roots + Wings School for Art and Design and continues to create Ceramic and Print work.

Artist Statement

Identity and its changing forms that intersect are where I draw my imagery and inspiration from. As a Latina and a woman, and a printmaker and ceramicist, my artwork explores the blending of identities and mediums. I use bright colors and an illustrated style as a way to communicate different narratives on my ceramic work that is often inspired by my culture and history. Whether through form or imagery, my pieces hold echos of the experiences I’ve had throughout the different parts of my life.

Images of Work


Wheel thrown and Handbuilt forms decorated with screen printed newsprint transfers, slips and underglazes

Favorite Products

Speedball's line of Underglazes offer a variety of great vibrant colors that can be used fresh from the bottle to create screen printed transfers. When using commercial underglazes, Speedball's Acrylic Transparent Base is a perfect additive to achieve the underglaze consistency that is needed for screen printing. Speedball also creates an amazing line of screen printing products like their Speedball’s Urethane squeegees, Speedball's Aluminum Frames, and Speedball Hinge Clamps, that are my go-to for my printmaking and ceramic needs.