I am Esther Elzinga, fabric printer, printmaker and pattern lover based in the Netherlands.

There are two things I love most in my profession which are fabrics and printing. At an early age I was already in love with fabrics in various fashion designs, so for me it was a logical step to start my study at the fashion & design academy from which I graduated specialized in high-fashion.

My second love, printmaking, came at a later stage when we (me, my husband and our 5 children) moved from the Netherlands to Singapore for my husband’s work. I fell in love straight away with the beautiful batik prints that are so common in that region, so I started experimenting with fabric printing right away. From potato printing to wood-carved prints and even rope-shaped stamps; I’ve tried them all. When I bumped into some carving-rubber I was hooked; I never stopped carving ever since.

This hobby got out of hand pretty fast; after a couple of years when we got back to Netherlands I started my own printing studio, Studio Tokek (“tokek” means “lizard’ in Bahasa, the language in Indonesia).

In my studio I make stamps for my own collection print fabrics, make various items out of the handprinted fabrics and I make stamps to order for various customers all over the world.

My main source of inspiration are my 5 kids; they give me the energy and inspiration to start new projects every day.

I don’t really see my work as art, but I take pride in people valuing my work for the creativity and craftsmanship that I’ve put into it. It’s my heart and soul!

Images of Work


Block Printing
Fabric Painting

Favorite Products

Speedball Fabric Block Printing Ink
Speedball Linoleum Blocks
Speedball Professional Relief ink