Charlotte, NC

I grew up around a local newspaper, and remember making type and photocopy collage as a young kid. I loved finding fonts, clippings and shapes on the paste-up boards and magazines, and absolutely loved the idea of multiple copies of the same design stacked in repetition. I learned about d.i.y. punk and how to screen printing t-shirts years later on the second floor of an apartment in Richmond, VA. I still think about my printmaking the same: be resourceful, imperfection is real, design around the limitations, and celebrate that I get to do this for a living. I’ve produced pieces for Hyatt Hotels, Asheville Regional Tourism, City of Charlotte, Kimpton Hotels, restaurants, many bands, festivals and record labels, commissions, and my own retail and portfolio.

Images of Work


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Favorite Products

Speedball's new Professional Poster Black is great! A good finish on a keyline is so important and the old black used to dry a bit chalky. Big-ups to Speedball's research and development! Also, I'm a big fan of Speedball's Photo Emulsion. I know there are a lots of options, but Speedball's Photo Emulsion has proven to be reliable and effective for me for twenty years.